Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I've had some extremely serendipitous accidents lately, one of which led to a fat lip. Picture this: New Years Eve. Vince Morgan's house. Ping Pong Tourney. 1st game of the bracket. Jamie and Vince are playing and half way into the game Katie and I decided Jamie would make a decisive win. Much to our surprise Vince made an incredible comeback (or Jamie just went into a walking coma) and stole the victory. Upon losing the game and forefitting his chance for the championship, Jamie threw his paddle at the ground which then bounced twice off the ground, ricocheted into my lip, off my face to Katie's head, and then ended with a SMACK against the wall. This all happened in a manner of nanoseconds and all we knew was that we were suddenly throbbing. My lip ballooned that night. The picture is the next evening. I throughly regret not photographing sooner. But I learned from my mistake.

This morning I woke up and read for an hour in bed before groggily getting up to stare my image in the face. It was startling as I awoke with a swollen eye for no apparent reason. Roommate suggested "Maybe you hit yourself in the night?" Not likely. Plus it wasn't a bruised pain, it was an achy stingy pain. Weird. But I promptly grabbed my handy Lumix, aimed and fired. Unfortunately focusing proved to be a challenge seeing as I was impaired, but I think it captures the essence of the horror well enough.

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