Thursday, February 7, 2008


I never wrote about this the day it happened, but my class (photo) is becoming interminably long and insufferable, so instead of sleeping, I'll do something semi-productive.

Tuesday I went up Provo Canyon around noon to take pictures (for this class funny enough) and stopped periodically throughout my drive to snap a shot or two (or ten...) I had pulled over a few times, neither of which were eventful, but the third time I signaled right and pulled over in my little blue '90 Accord a scene unfolded that I never would have thought I would be in. Inevitably cars will slow as they see someone walking down the side of the road, especially in the winter. It just goes to show what a friendly, willing-to-help community we live in. But I motioned to each car to keep moving and that I was fine as they passed. One car didn't get the hint.

He stopped near me and rolled his window down to ask if I needed a lift. I smiled and said no, pointed to my car and kept walking. He reversed a little and persisted. "No really, I'll take you where ever you need to go." "No really, I'm fine. Thank you." He tried again, asking me this time, if I would go with him. "No sir. I have places to be." He didn't take the hint or the flat out refusals. I started walking away again, ignoring his calls and soon enough he got bored and drove off. DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE?! In UTAH? At NOON?! Well yes ma'am. Yes it does. Luckily I got a few good pictures here, but what I really should have photographed was the creep-o's face.

I still hadn't gotten enough images to choose from, however, so I continued my drive up the canyon and tried to slow my heart rate with some soothing tunes. Within a few minutes I reached Nuns Park and took the turn off to try and finish my assignment. Although I begrudgingly shook my fist as the sky as I got in my car, cursing the clouds that were hiding the sun that I've missed for way too long, I think the dreary cloud cover contributed to the few shots I got of the mountain. But I wanted more.

I walked under the overpass and started photographing the river and the tunnel when I heard footsteps behind me that really gave me a start. I looked behind me and saw a homeless man walking towards me. "You really gave me a fright!" I told him as he kept getting closer. We exchanged a few words and my heart was racing. I guess I was just extra sensitive from my close encounter a few minutes before. He was nice, a little strange, but I blame that on the solitude. I said goodbye and he asked for a ride. I politely told him no, and he gave me a seemingly understanding nod, but as I turned to go to my car, I heard his footsteps behind me in the gravel. I picked up my pace. He quickened his. I felt the blood beating around me and my head screaming "RUN!" and seconds later I was sprinting to the car. I got in, locked my doors, reversed much too quickly, and sped home.

The day only got better from there on out. . .minus a few bumps in the road and finding out about them. At least now I feel like we have something in common.

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