Wednesday, February 20, 2008


President's Day morning M and I got up early to run before having to bind ourselves down in the car for 9 hours. (Should take 10 I guess, but I averaged over 90 during my 4+ hour leg of driving).

We were dropped off near the refinery and did a quick jaunt down to the pier. The run was fantastic and I was hit again with how amazing the ocean is. This time it was filled with people in wet suits, waiting to catch a wave. They looked like smooth, black beasts all waiting together on the crests of the water.

With every bounding step I became more in love with running at sea level. I felt like I'd go on oxygen overload, I wasn't used to the air being so thick. But I craved the air, the clarity, the consuming brisk wind that pushed against me, but also filled my lungs with life. I ran the last 20 yards the fastest I think I've ever run. The sprint is really what helps me endure the miles before I can kick my legs the hardest and let them get every ounce of speed out. It seems like they have their own spirit in those last yards of pushing and the inertia is left on the path miles behind my now fatigued body.

We watched the waves crash against the pillars of the pier for a few minutes while stretching and letting the salty air stick to our skin before returning home. I wanted to stay there in the wet. I'm tired of the dry Utah air that burns my throat and chaps my fingers as they swing unprotected at my sides.

The drive home was uneventful. That's a good thing. The cold greeted us when we arrived and the ice paved the path to our door. How welcoming right?


wings said...

hmmmm, i want to go.
beautiful description lovely.

Millas Killian said...

I love the mountains to much to ever leave them for the ocean. P ya need to go running with me sometimes in the woods or on a trail early in the morning when it's you and nature surrounded by a thin layer of fog. It's almost magical to listen to the sounds of the woods coming to life as you sweep through them. It's almost disrespectful to do that, but something that you will never forget.

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