Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Can we do it? Will it work? We got the idea on Monday night after each of us had a bit of a rough day and needed some craziness to spark us into life again.

Spontaneity was coursing through our neurons, causing synapses to pop and spark, as the excitement grew exponentially with our zany, eccentric ideas. "We could really do it!" "Let's do it guys!" "Let's not tell ANYONE!" "I just want to get away" "I NEED to get away." We were like little particles, feeding off each other's passion, excitement, and energy; like we were catalysts for each other. Like boiling water where the molecules move faster and faster and faster until finally! steam rises from the pot.

We decided to escape. Disappear. And do it all only asking by necessity, and going even if the answer is no. We need a car. We need a place to stay. Is this crazy?

As soon as we broke apart Roommate and I hit our Macs and jumped online to look at flights. As the hour got later, our brains got less realistic by the minute and soon we were shouting "Prague! Let's go to Prague! I found a flight for $210!!" As incredible as it was, we decided to pass on the tickets. A 3 day weekend just isn't worth the jet-lag. The cheapest flights we found to our destination were $69, so we're just going to road trip it. It will be more of an adventure that way anyway.

We're going to run away!

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