Monday, February 11, 2008


It felt the depths of winter, but I'm starting to find out that inside of me, there is an invincible summer. The sky was clear and blue today and I saw a bug! Imagine! A bug. It's been so long since I've seen one actually alive (the Bean Museum has a wide array of dead ones).

Did you feel the air today? It was a blessed 48 degrees at 5 o'clock and I felt like kicking my heels and shouting for Spring. The air was crisp, clear and cold. It invigorated my scalp, rousing my brain and bringing a calming clarity to my mind; clarity that matched the unimpeded crystal afternoon.

I wore my red boots today. I found that when I wear boots I feel strangely powerful. Like nothing and no one can stop me. Come rain, snow, or storm, hell or high water, I'll keep on walking with a stride not just a step. I stride through every slush-puddle and bad day and think, "Ha! Still dry!" I walked through snow, kept protected and frozen from the shade of a towering building, and Roommate asked me what I was doing. "You're supposed to avoid the snow," she told me. But I just wanted to prove to myself one more time that I have ways and means to protection and warmth.

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