Friday, February 8, 2008


So I've really tried to stay up on candidates this year. I figured that since I am now a voter, I should be an educated one. I was shown a really great website a few weeks ago that compiles articles in an accessible way and makes it easier for me to stay up on current political events. (Although I think that the website has a really ugly design, I'll give the site come slack since they probably aren't aesthetically minded).

At this time I would also like to wish Mitt and fond farewell and say "Thanks for playing." Honestly, I'm a tad glad that he's out of the running so Utah might have a chance at a democratic electoral college vote. I was also worried that IF (which is a long shot) he got the nomination and IF (which is a longer shot) he got the election, the church would be even more closely scrutinized and bashed. I read an interesting article the other day that pointed out if you hate men, you're a feminist, and if you hate different ethnicities, you're racist. But if you hate Mormons, you're normal. Bash away with no consequence! If someone said they weren't going to vote for Obama on the sheer fact that he was black, that would raise some eyebrows, but Mitt and Mormanism? Eh. Big deal. . .

Now that McCain is the front runner, Obama has a better chance at getting a democratic nomination and I've been watching him from the get-go. He's like the Kennedy of our time; young, charismatic, different, relatively inexperienced (JFK only had eight years of serving in the Senate prior to running for office) and etc. But I do agree with this guy in thinking that Obambphilia is getting a bit out of control. Have you seen her? A bit creepy, but on a humorous level.

So now my political efforts (which extend as far as having casual conversations with people) will be in his behalf. Had I more time to get out and be seen, make a difference and cause a change! maybe I would. But for now, I am focusing on what I should be focusing on: school. Hip hip hooray.

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Rowena said...

If you hate men, you're a feminist?!?!? That is not true at all! Try: If you believe in legal and social equality between the sexes, you are a feminist.

Also, there is a big difference between not voting for someone because of their race and not voting for them because of their religion. Race is not a choice; religion is a choice.

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