Saturday, July 26, 2008


After going here in May I was hooked. As soon as I got back to Mr. Trusty-Apple that evening I did a bit of online searching and found this and It made me so glad to maybe get a taste of the fabulousness experienced across the Atlantic back at home. Every Saturday since I've been home something has come up. Sometimes the somethings really get in my way and keep me from doing other somethings I wish I had time for. Like visit the Farmer's Market.

Today my wish came true.

I visited this lovely lady a few days ago and she gave me a tour of her magnificent garden. She told me a bit about what to expect at the market and really got me rearing to go. I drug half my clan with me, so Mom, Dad, and OlderAndWiserToo all trekked downtown to see for ourselves what this place of produce and Provo-loving peddlers was all about.

It only took one free cookie and I was hooked. Though considerably smaller than the mass market in London, it had hearty goodness and the atmosphere was just grand.

So if you wish to join me, I am going to be a regular attending Farmer's Marketeer. I think I'll go for lunch next week.


Gritty Pretty said...

i love it when our paths cross! and true to form, your mom still looks like a kid. WHAT IS HER SECRET??

see you on sat!

medicus said...

Believe it or not, but I've had a newspaper clipping about this place hanging up on my wall for a weeks. I haven't taken the time yet to go check it out. I'm happy to hear it's worth a visit! Seriously, give me a ring the next time you want to go!

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