Monday, July 14, 2008


I hate the feeling after you close out your day and as you take a moment to reflect you are stuck wondering what you did and what was accomplished. I like productivity and the evidence of work and striving. It's easy to get comfortable and sink into ruts of this and that. But when I feel like I'm slipping into a "comfortable" rut, I don't feel agreeable in my skin. It itch to move and climb out.

If I were a snake and could shed my skin once a month, would I feel clean a shiny and would it rejuvenate me enough to keep me in a life-long crescendo? I just want never to plateau. Though the rocks may be beautiful, the feeling is not. Stagnation feels like vinegar in my mouth.

There is a way for me to shed my skin and start anew. Once a week I can as I contemplate my Savior and the way He reaches down as I look up with a face wet and gleaming.

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{eMily} said...

I LOVE THIS BLOG! i seriously could read it forever...i love how you so delicately display your thoughts paige in a way that i feel like i am part of them. more posts please? :)

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