Monday, May 11, 2009


We took a weekend with the entire Washington Seminar group and headed north for a little time in Revolutionary Era sites.

We stayed on the Freedoms Foundation's campus which is adjacent to Valley Forge National Park. It was beautiful. The campus was founded during President Eisenhower's leadership and he served as the chairman until his death.

The rooms were dorm style and as a result, Husband was forced (by me) to share a twin bed. I think he was really looking forward to having his own space again, but I wouldn't hear of it. "Bed-sharing is the privilege of being married!" I told him, so he reluctantly cozied up for the entire night. I think I robbed him of some much-needed shut eye, but it was a test of our love. He passed.

We went out and toured the national park which consisted mostly of rolling hills and few stone houses here and there. Our tour guide's name was Nancy. Dressed like Martha Washington, we all expected her to be the sweetie-pie she posed to be, but over the intercom she would whisper commands to the bus driver in a tone like, "you're an idiot for not knowing where to turn," and with an eye-roll she would continue in her high-pitched, sweetie-pie, tour-guide voice to instruct us on the park's history.

At the site of Washington's Soldier's winter camp huts.

Right before we realized our run down the hill embedded dozens of ticks in our legs.

The day rounded out with a visit by Thomas Jefferson himself who came for an hour long Q&A session which was surprisingly good (and didn't force us to liven things up by bringing up his elicit relationships with his slaves), lengthy political discussion with our newly found married friends, chocolate ice cream, and a very cozy night's stay in our dorm room.

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Lindsey said...

When I read the bed sharing comment to Brandon, he said: "No it is the obligation of being married. Give it a year." I don't think he was joking.

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