Thursday, December 31, 2009


Today I woke up grumpy.

I had things to do.

Real things

like buy a car and finish the final report for my grant.

I felt stressed and bothered.

Mikey kept assuring me,

"Everything will be okay,"

And I wanted to believe him.

But I was too grumpy.

And too stressed.

. . .

So we drove.

. . .

Out the windshield I saw the sun perfectly illuminating the ridges of Timpanogoes,

the mountain that means that I'm home.

And I saw the sun perfectly.

We turned left and a sky made up of endless rows of clouds filled my view

and I saw the sun perfectly

through the trees.

It all reminded me too clearly of when this little blog

meant more to me than it does now.

A time when my thoughts would spill here,

rest here,

die here.

. . .

Then I added a co-author

with many good things to say.

He's wise and brave and true.

I love him.

But sometimes it's hard to write a little blog

with the wisest, bravest, and truest co-author

looking over your shoulder.

. . .


I resolved yesterday to pick up my scattered thoughts

and try to once again organize them here.

(Whether you few and true readers like it or not).

I want to once again search for

insight and meaning

and slowly



find it.

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