Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010

Last night we watched the Black Eyed Peas welcome in 2010. Mikey got quiet. He looked sad. I asked him what was wrong and he simply expressed how overwhelming it felt to finish out such a momentous year together.

It's true.

It was momentous. Getting married? Momentous. Lemmetellya.

He said he couldn't believe it was 2010 already. Then I wisely noted, "I know. It's been . . . it's been a whole year since last year!"

I don't know why I said that. But I guess it's true enough.

We hope your 2009 was good and that 2010 will be even better.

Happy New Year.

1 comment:

Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

LOve the moment that picture truly captures!

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