Monday, January 4, 2010


This is what it looks like when you spill two gallons of paint in your car.

Luckily the back of our car is plastic, but that didn't make cleaning up frozen paint very much more fun. Note that the picture above is down three layers from the spill. The top layer folds up to store the car jack, straps, belts, and other odds and ends, and below that is where the spare goes. We thought we were almost done cleaning up the mess when we opened the bottom-most compartment and found 3 - 4 inches of frozen paint.

This is what it looks like when your husband wears coveralls to clean up the car mess.

A little critchy. And a little hilarious.


Anne said...

Oh my Gosh!! Is it my fault?

Anne said...

Nice coveralls Mike. Are they new? Like your car? Nice initiation.

Linae said...

oh no. what a beginning of the new year. hope you got rid of it.. happy late new year to you two! miss you a lot.
all my love from rainy italy.

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