Friday, May 21, 2010

Logan Weekender

I got home last Friday to a note on the front door that said, "Paige! Things to start packing: 1. Everything on the bed, 2. Sunday Clothes, 3. $40 . . ."


I did as I was told. I started packing. I was excited, but curious, just what did this boy have up his sleeve? He told me when he got out of the shower, "We're going camping overnight up Logan Canyon." I immediately packed my onesie. Can you say freezing?

The drive was superb. We listened to a new CD, caught up on much needed talking and philosophizing, and saw a rainbow.

Dinner was even better. We ate at Le Nonne, a cozy Italian joint with live jazz on weekends. It's intimate, it's cozy, it's delicious. I'd drive to Logan just to eat there. Seriously. I loved my food and the musicians even played a song from our wedding video. Darling.

We found our campsite up Logan Canyon at Bridger Campground and laid the seats down in our car. Have I ever mentioned that we have the best car in the world? Well we do. We made a toast to all things spontaneous and lovely, and downed almost an entire bottle of Martinelli's. We learned to bring a better bad next time, but other than that the sleep wasn't bad.

We attended the Logan Temple the next morning, I know, strange combination right? Camping and the temple . . . but it was a perfect way to end such a fun surprise trip!

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Linae said...

paigey, you look wonderful with the longer hair.

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