Saturday, May 22, 2010


I'm getting seriously bummed about the rain and cold. Our Y-hike was nipped in the bud when we looked towards the mountains and found them dusted with snow and shrouded in clouds that looked so cold they could instantaneously turn your hair to icicles.

But I do love the green. And the spurts of sun that I still find magical. Maybe Mother Nature is just a lot like me. I wake up relatively early with Mikey, brush my teeth, grab a yogurt etc. but then promptly get back in bed, laptop in hand and do all of the schoolwork I can possibly think of that I can do while sitting in bed. Waking up (or warming up) is hard.

But the world is waking. Every second it wakes a little more. It's on a continuum of creation. It seems certain that the world exists anew every moment; that the existence of things every moment ceases and is every moment renewed. It gives abiding assurance that we, every moment, see the same proof of God as we would have seen if we had watched Him create the world in the beginning.

So I'll be patient and watch as the world is slowly, slowly brought to life.


Linae said...

i am really sorry for this weather. i would immediately send the sun and warmth over if i could.
i am going to write you an update on everything this week. there are a lot of things to tell you.
but there is one thing that always stays the same:

i miss you.
like a fool.i

Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

Paige, since when are you a poet? haha you write so good.
The weather is so back and forth, we just get a little warmth here and there to make us crave more. I WANT MORE!!!!

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