Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh the day we live in . . .

It's sad really. I was wondering if it was raining outside or if what I heard was the sprinklers. I looked out the window but couldn't tell if that was wind or rain making the leaves bend down.

So I checked the weather online. No showers, just a bit breezy.

Also, I spent an hour in the MOA today looking at the Bill Owens photography exhibit downstairs. It was a fascinating critique on suburbia, consumer culture, isolationism etc etc etc. I highly recommend it. Even cooler, is you can participate from home (sort of like checking the weather online) and join the discussion from the comfort of your own suburban home with a big front lawn and a nice garage.

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Cason and Marie said...

I posted this answer on both blogs so that others can see it too. :) you need to drill the hole twice because if the hole is big the first time your needle will go through wherever...if it is small it will guide the needle exactly where you marked it. (does that make sense?) It would save alot of time, and you could probably figure out an easier way, but that made the most sense to me.

Ps. I love the moa!! Especially their lunch!

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