Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A wet reminder

I have loved these afternoon desert rainstorms. I know it's summer, but this summer has felt so different from every other summer in my life, it is only right that the weather contribute to the distinctiveness of it all.

It seems like there must be some reason why the valley has needed to burst open everyday. The rain doesn't seem malicious or furious or torrential. It's not the kind of downpour that I associate with anger or punishment.

To me, the downpours seem more like an out-welling of praise. It's the gushing that comes when you're full up with gratitude or overwhelmed with love.

The rain has felt like a gift each day reminding me that I have much to praise and thank and love about; helping me understand that even though things feel loose and shifting and nomadic right now, there is power in letting the small things go in the shower of support that I receive daily. It helps me to feel washed over in wonder and admiration for the people and circumstances placed in my life.

We leave in less than a month. I hope it rains every day until then.

1 comment:

Kelsey said...

I have been loving the rain too! As always, love your writing.

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