Saturday, November 12, 2011

Be glad for this moment

Thursday I woke up sick. Still. Remember that small to-do list? It took over an hour of walking to get it done. One of the joys/burdens of living in a big city I suppose.

I spent Thursday with my hair in the same slumped bun from the day before and wearing baggy jeans and a sweatshirt. Ada didn't mind. (Although of course the day I looked like all I do is hang out in jammies and watch Soaps I had two people come to my door. That ties our all time cumulative door-knockers record.)

I decided to take the day off from everything that I could (i.e. dishes, studying Italian, laundry, sweeping, getting ready, going out . . .) and make a concerted effort to get better. But you can't take the day off from mothering. Not ever. Good thing that there are plenty laying/sitting/resting things you can do. Like peek-a-boo and reading books and taking naps together.

I was grumpy when I woke up, but by the time the sunset on my day off I couldn't help but be so glad for a cold to slow me down to enjoy every moment of my sick-day. Ada made it one of my brightest days yet.

I need always to remember to be glad for the moment, because inevitably it's gone the next. Reminds me of this smart lady's devotional from a few years ago.

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Michelle said...

Great post. So very true. And what a wonderful message by Sister Samuelson. I think I especially needed this because so often I find myself wishing for the semester to be over, wishing to be married already, wishing to be graduated. Thank you for the insight and perspective.

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