Monday, November 14, 2011

The worry scurry

A bike parked on our street.
We're in the throes of midterms. And when I say "we" I mean it. With Mikey putting in 70+ hour weeks with the books, I have had to do my own part to keep things rolling at home. Mostly my job entails not going crazy because I just want to hang out with him.

The first pangs of homesickness punctuated the last few days. Maybe the feelings came from a mixture of stress and sickness at our house. Either way, I'll be glad when the tests and worries are over.

Mikey worried before he started school that it wouldn't be hard enough (who is this boy?). We're happy to report that he's plenty satisfied with the difficulty level.

I'm fascinated by the things he's learning. It's encouraging to a girl who sometimes worries that her brain slowly atrophying that he trusts it enough to come home and tell me about his studies. His midterm paper? I love it. Here's a teaser paragraph for the 'rents.
My dad entered the emergency room and his jaw dropped. I was in a neck brace that fortunately turned out to be unnecessary but it certainly fueled his shock. His countenance bore one question, “How could this have happened?” When a tragic death occurs, the insensitive and often unenlightened approach is to find something specific to blame. The benefit of a near-death experience, is that there is an identical but much more acceptable inquiry: What prevented death? In my case, death was averted due to the confluence of simple and practical regulatory institutions in government, family, and community.
Sometimes I think he should be writing this blog.

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