Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The cleanse has gotten slightly better. My bowel finally made it's first move in 3 days. That was exciting. I don't feel hungry, I just miss the feeling of having food in my mouth. I miss chewing and swallowing and tasting. I miss warm things and savory things. I miss sustenance and variety. Oh to just have a SLICE OF CHEESE . . . I spent a good 5 minutes smelling Lil' Lou's "Puff's of Reese" yesterday as we sat on the couch and watched the Olympics together. Smelling is almost as good as tasting. Almost.

The Sea Monkey food, however, hasn't gotten any easier to swallow and if you don't do it in a timely manner, it COAGULATES AND FORMS BLOBS OF SEA MONKEY FOOD THAT STICKS TO THE INSIDE OF YOUR MOUTH AND THE SIDES OF YOUR TEETH AND MAKES YOU WANT TO SHOVE A FORK IN YOUR FRONTAL LOBE TO TAKE YOUR MIND OFF HOW HORRIBLE IT IS AS IT JIGGLES DOWN YOUR THROAT. OlderAndWiserToo threatened to film me downing it tomorrow morning. Apparently it's quite a show.

I made a Lemon Meringue Pie with PseudoSister for a work party today. It was purely experimental, especially considering we couldn't taste test anything along with way. I asked Lil' Lou to taste the lemon mixture and she told me she didn't like lemon stuff. I forced her finger into the sauce pan and she reluctantly gave it a lick. She gave me an ambivalent shrug and left the kitchen. Helpful. Really helpful. The smell of pie crust was almost enough to make me bag the cleanse and gorge myself on the flaky goodness. But part of this is a test of our resolve and endurance. Giving up now would mean accepting defeat and I'm just not equipped to do that.

The pie got good reviews at the "Pie Party." It was placed atop the counter next to a peach pie, a strawberry pie, a banana cream pie, a pizza pie, and a vegetable pie. Then they brought in ice cream. I spent the hour resisting the urge to swipe the plate across from me and licking the tops of all the pieces of pie. Licks don't count do they?

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